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Dark Web Scan

The dark web is a rouge part of the world wide web that you cannot access through traditional search engines and browsers. Among other things, the dark web is traditionally used for illegitimate trade of stolen personal information and is often how an identity thief would get access to your information.

IDSeal Pro-Tec searches the Dark-Web for traces of your email account or password in breached databases that were exposed in the dark web.

Note: There is no way for any company to search the entire dark web. A scan can uncover if your login credentials have been exposed in known breaches of sorts, but it is not a guaranteed detection method.

What action do I need to take if my records are in the dark web?

How to search for your email address in the dark web?

To see if your email address has been a part of a data breach and exposed on the dark web:

  1. Enter your email address into the search box
  2. Click Search
image add email address select search

How to search if your password has been detected in a data breach in the dark web?

  1. Enter your password into the search field
  2. Click Search
image add password select search

Please note: the password scan searches for your specific password in known data breaches. However – if found, it is not necessarily
tied to your specific username. For example, if you have used the password Password123!, it will most likely be found numerous times,
but it can be tied to multiple email addresses, not necessarily yours. In such scenarios, we always recommend replacing your passwords,
and choosing new, stronger passwords.

What action you need to take if your records are in the dark web?

If your email address or password have been located in data breaches, change your passwords to strong/secure passwords that you have not used in the past.

image add password select search

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