March 21, 2019

Helpful Tips To Secure Your Phone

Keep your phone updated:

Just like your computer, the first step to protecting your phone from attacks is making sure you consistently update your operating system. Most people procrastinate implementing updates since they feel it may change the ways they are used to working on the phone. However, these updates to the phone operating system often include important security patches that were previously checked and handled, so it is critical that your operating system is at all times up to date so it is able to handle cybercrime threats.

Do not click on unfamiliar links:

Phishing attacks may be very efficient because of their simplicity and lack of knowledge by users. Last year, attacks were carried out via links that were sent in WhatsApp, email or SMS, with hackers pretending to be from official sites or offer special promotions from known retailers. We have also seen phishing attacks in the form of extortion attempts based on a hack that didn’t actually happen. The safest way to avoid these types of attacks is to avoid clicking on unfamiliar links. What is too good to be true, probably is.

Use caution when downloading Apps and updating existing Apps:

Apps should only be downloaded through the official App Stores. Even then, safety is not 100% guaranteed. If an application you have previously downloaded is requesting strange permissions, think twice about whether the permission is actually needed. It is recommended that from time to time you review your “permission menu” and privacy settings in your phone. Even Apps you previously downloaded may receive updates that turn them into malicious Apps phishing for your information. Go into your privacy settings and review your permission list for each App to verify they all make sense. If you see an App you don’t use, just delete it.

Lock your device:

Smart phones offer a variety of locking mechanisms. These locking mechanisms are critical when your phone reaches the wrong hands. When a thief experiences too much difficulty with a locked phone, they may move on to the next victim.

Install additional protection:

One last step after you have done the above is to consider installing additional security layers, such as VPNs and other Mobile Security features.

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