January 25, 2022

IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS

We’ve got big news! IDSeal Pro-Tec is now available as a desktop application for macOS devices, with more features than were previously available through your browser extension.

This is a new software release for macOS. New subscribers should follow the steps for setup in their welcome emails. Current subscribers with available device licenses should follow this link to download IDSeal Pro-Tec for their preferred macOS devices.

Prior to this update, Mac users accessed IDSeal Pro-Tec through a browser extension that only included four features: Ad Blocker, Tracking Blocker, Digital Fingerprint Scrambler, and the Browsing Tracks Scanner and Cleaner.

With this new release, IDSeal subscribers can now utilize a more comprehensive suite of features across Android, PC, iOS, and macOS devices! The new macOS version includes:

  • Ad Blocker
  • Antivirus
  • Dark Web Scanner
  • Digital Fingerprint Scrambler
  • Encrypted Documents Vault
  • Login Encryption & Password Vault
  • Sensitive Document Detection
  • Tracking Blocker
  • VPN

Current Subscribers: Unsure if you have available device licenses or misplace your license key? Use the “Chat with Us” feature on our website.

For a complete list of instructions on how to download IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS and other frequently asked questions, please visit our IDSeal Pro-Tec Support webpage.

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