May 17, 2022

Two New Features Now Available!

Great News! IDSeal gave the Member Portal a facelift. Better yet? Two new features have been added: Financial Transaction Monitoring and Medical Identity Monitoring. More features mean more ways to help monitor your information to help protect you from fraud. Let’s jump in to how the features work!

Financial Transaction Monitoring

If you’re like most consumers, you may have more than one bank account and credit card. These accounts are likely connected to more than one device (like your smartphone and computer), making monitoring multiple accounts and transactions difficult.

Financial Transaction Monitoring helps you stay on top of all of your accounts without having to track each one. This feature monitors checking, savings, investment, and retirement accounts, as well as credit cards that you link.

Using this feature is simple:

  • Start by connecting the accounts that you want monitored
  • Configure your alert settings
  • Get alerted when there are large transactionslow balances, or potentially fraudulent activity is detected
  • Review transaction history (up to 2 years prior) to check for accuracy

Medical Identity Monitoring

Medical identity theft is on the rise, accounting for the highest number of breaches (9 times more than financial breaches!) ¹ More than 41 million healthcare records have been impacted, exposed, stolen or impermissibly disclosed.²

Medical Identity Monitoring works by daily monitoring new medical claim activities, allowing you to determine if the found claim was made by you, or fraudulent. This feature proactively monitors your medical identity and alerts you so that you can respond before there is an issue. You can have full visibility and control over your medical claims.

Using this feature is simple:

  • Start by connecting your insurance account
  • Review claim activity
  • Look good? Great! No action
  • Something seem off? Take action if necessary

Having these features paired with IDSeal’s many other features provide you with a full-spectrum, 360° protection.

Not a subscriber? Don’t wait to begin monitoring and protecting your important information. Get started with IDSeal today!

1 Forbes, “The Real Threat of Identity Theft is in Your Medical Records, Not Credit Cards

2 5th Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft, Ponemon Institute

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